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The Keins Model Higher Secondary School is an independent school situated at the heart of Vallioor Tirunelveli District, India. We have pupils from pre-school age to Plus Two level and provide quality academic preparation in an environment committed to the Indian ethos and lifestyle. Spacious classes and skilled teachers who are also committed to the teaching provide a caring environment in which we endeavour to assist parents in their responsibility to 'Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it'

Keins is the pioneer School in Vallioor. A torch bearer in catering to the needs of nearly 1500 students, this premier institution has been keeping an excellent record for more than 3 decades. Situated in the beautiful and peaceful town of Vallioor in the Tirunelveli District, with the great support from Almighty, the Keins School, is the flagship community school with the best of facilities and faculties.

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Welcome to The Keins School web site. Whether you are already a good friend of the School, a potential friend, or browsing out of curiosity, I hope that you enjoy the information offered.

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About Our Teachers

  • Fully qualified , trained and experienced teachers.
  • Having a strong knowledge in particular subject areas
  • Having patience and fair-minded
  • Good at explaining things
  • Our teachers are accessible, enthusiastic and caring.
  • They present lessons in a clear and structured way.

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